Emotional Picture Set (EmoPicS)

Various research groups all over the world currently use affective images are as experimental stimulus material to investigate the neurobiological correlates of emotional processing. However, due to increasingly specific scientific questions and advanced experimental paradigms, a very large number of affective images is required, e.g. to provide control stimuli or to achieve appropriate cell sizes of certain semantic categories. Therefore, we developed and validated a collection of emotion-triggering images (the "Emotional Picture Set") to provide researchers with an additional pool of affective images for scientific studies.

The EmoPicS comprises a total of 378 standardized color photographs with different semantic content (diverse social situations, animals and plants) and different emotional intensity and valence. The collection serves as a supplement to already existing and well-established image systems (especially the "International Affective Picture System" Lang, Bradley & Cuthbert, 2005) and may be used exclusively for experimental and/or clinical research purposes.

If you use the Emotional Picture Set for research purposes, please cite as follows:

Wessa, M., Kanske, P., Neumeister, P., Bode, K., Heissler, J., & Schönfelder, S. (2010). EmoPics: Subjektive und psychophysiologische Evaluationen neuen Bildmaterials für die klinisch-bio-psychologische Forschung. Zeitschrift für Klinischer Psychologie und Psychotherapie, Supplement, 1/11, 77.

If you are interested in the "EmoPicS" material for your research, please directly contact: Prof. Dr. Michele Wessa (wessa@uni-mainz.de)

Duration of study:
May 2009 - December 2012

German Research Foundation, Emmy Noether Funding (We3638/3-1)

Prof. Dr. Michèle Wessa (principal investigator),
Dipl.-Psych. Sandra Schönfelder