Dr. Bianca Kollmann

Curriculum Vitae

Since 04/2016 Research assistant
Since 04/2014 Post graduate education in Psychological Psychotherapy (Behavioral Therapy) and Policlinic of the Institute of Psychology, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
Since 01/2014 PhD student at the Department of Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, Institute of Psychology, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
10/2013 – 12/2013 Research stay at Neurospin, Intense Field Neuroimaging- Center, Saclay, France
04/2012 - 09/2013 PhD student at the Section for Experimental Psychopathology and Neuroimaging, Department of General Psychiatry, Center for Psychosocial Medicine, University Clinic Heidelberg
Since 04/2012 Member of the SFB 636 Graduate Academy at Heidelberg University
2012 Research Master of Science in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience, Neuropsychology track at Maastricht University (NL). Masterthesis: „ Assessing the factor structure of the Social Responsiveness Scale in relation to age, IQ, and language abilities in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder”. Supervisors: Dipl.-Psych. Hannah Musch, Prof. Dr. Christine Freitag, Dr. Hans Stauder
2009 Bachelor of Science in Biological Psychology at Maastricht University (NL). Bachelorthesis: „An apple a day keeps the doctor away- The effectiveness of gain- and loss-framed messages in promoting health behaviors“. Supervisor: Dr. Marieke Werrij


Research Interests

  • Funktionelle Korrelate der Belohnungsantizipation in bipolaren Patienten mit und ohne komorbider Alkoholabhängigkeit/-missbrauch